Jeanne Moreau is French film royalty, and her style is impeccable. I mean, the LBD she’s wearing in the top photo is perfect! She had the right balance between polished and casual, so she never looked too buttoned-up. She looked like a lady, but a lady that knew how to have fun.




Ali MacGraw was a style icon of the 70’s for a reason. Her look was so versatile that sequins looked as natural on her as a T-shirt. Whether she looked dramatic or relaxed, she always seemed comfortable and laid-back.




Joanna Hillman killing it as usual at New York Fashion Week! Street Style

Street Style NYC.

Street Style Fall 2013: London Fashion Week

Joanna Hillman's new looks are always something I look forward to seeing during fashion week!

Joanna Hillman

Joanna Hillman

#JoannaHillman and her blue fabness. Paris.

Joanna Hillman takes risks, and that’s what I like about her. While I wouldn’t choose some of her outfits for myself, I appreciate that she has fun with fashion. She plays with interesting colors, prints, and silhouettes, but always sticks with a trademark beauty look. Straight, white-blonde hair, dark sunglasses, and red lips work for her – and she knows it.  With a girl like this as the Senior Fashion Market Editor, no wonder Harper’s BAZAAR is always one of my favorite magazines.



ingrid bergman

Ingrid Bergman by Yul Brynner, 1956

Ingrid Bergman.

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was a legendary Swedish actress and American sweetheart. Praised for her acting abilities, wit, intelligence, and charm, she captivated the world of Hollywood for years. I admire her style because of its simplicity. She always looked confident and comfortable, and I like that she wasn’t too showy with her wardrobe choices.