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The thing I find so great about Elizabeth Taylor  is her belief in drama. She was a woman who took pride in how she presented herself to the world. She made every occasion a big occasion, just by the way she dressed. It didn’t matter whether she was going to a gala or playing with her children; her hair was done, her makeup was on, and her lipstick was pristine. We have lost this pride in more recent times. Do you think Elizabeth Taylor would say, “Oh, I’m just staying in the house. Sweatpants will be fine.”? No! She would have dressed with pride, because she valued the way she presented herself to the world, even if the world wasn’t going to see her. Emulate Elizabeth by adding a little drama to your wardrobe. Make it your mission to wear one dramatic piece each day this week and swear off sweatpants, even as pajamas. It is much easier to feel glamorous when wearing nice things.



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