Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola in a Chanel Paris New York Collection dress Style icon: Sofia Coppola

director | sofia coppola.

Sofia Coppola in Yves Saint Laurent    #bestdressed #fashion #celebrity #redcarpet #mrblasberg #sofiacoppola #jumpsuit

Sofia Coppola proves that minimalist style is not equal to boring style. She tends to wear all black or navy, and her hair is almost always styled the same. And yet, she is considered a great style icon. The trick to Sofia’s style is her ability to use proportions, details, textures, and shapes in her outfits to make them interesting. Since she does not have bold patterns or bright colors distracting from her garments, they all have to fit her well and look luxurious. Keep Ms. Coppola in mind the next time you are shopping, and really examine the quality of the clothes you are buying to make sure they flatter you.



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