Ali MacGraw was a style icon of the 70’s for a reason. Her look was so versatile that sequins looked as natural on her as a T-shirt. Whether she looked dramatic or relaxed, she always seemed comfortable and laid-back.




Julie Christie1960s, julie christie

Julie Christie photographed by Ron Galella, 1968. Photo via

Julie Christie from Petulia, 1968

Julie Christie has it.Julie Christie <3

Julie Christie on the set of Petulia, 1967.

Julie Christie

Julie Christie totally exemplified the sixties. Her floppy hats, mod dresses, and overall attitude made her a style icon, but I love her attitude. She seems so nonchalant, as if she feeds simply off her own confidence.



Bianca Jagger et Nathalie Delon, 1974

Nathalie & Alain Delon

Nathalie & Alain Delon

Nathalie Delon anthony delon alain delon

Alain Delon Visiting Nathalie on the set of La leçon particulière.

Nathalie Delon

Alain & Nathalie Delon with Anthony in Monte Carlo in 1965. Is this a gorgeous looking family!

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been a tad busy lately. But, I’ll make it up to you by posting about a woman with incredible style. Nathalie Delon had the most simple, gorgeous, low-key look. She never looked contrived or artificial, and that’s what I love about her style. Simple clothes with beautiful details were her staples, and she always looked great. This is just proof that you don’t have to be dramatic to be stylish.



lauren hutton

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton via Film Noir Photos

Lauren Hutton and Robert Redford.

lauren hutton

Lauren Hutton #fashion #quote

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton

The always impeccable Lauren Hutton

I love Lauren Hutton’s style because she always looks natural. Every picture I have seen of her seeks to enhance her natural beauty, not cover it up with overbearing makeup or trendy clothing. She wore the classics and always looked great. Cargo shirts, crisp blazers, blue jeans, and white t-shirts were staples. Lauren used the most basic items and didn’t seek to put a twist on them. Her crisp, polished style remains timeless and wearable.



Diane von Furstenburg's office in the 70s - I Love Your Style

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Diane Von FurstenburgPinned Image

Diane von Furstenberg, creator of the iconic wrap dress, is invincible. With a new line coming out with Roxy, Ms. Furstenberg is showing us once again that she is a great designer. Her garments appeal to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Ms. Furstenberg is a versatile dresser. She can pull of bold pieces and dramatic, show-stopping looks but she still looks amazing in simple, relaxed clothes.



style ~ Tory Burch..

Tory Burch - she is gorgeous & has the best style!

C. Style Blog-Tory Burch in Red, White and Blue

Style crush: Tory Burch

tory burch. style-ideas

tory burch

Tory Burch: love her work, love her style

Tory Burch is a great example of a modern mother and successful businesswoman. She travels the world, runs a successful company, and spends time with her children. Ms. Burch does all of this while appearing professional  and expressing her individual style. Her love of loud prints, fun colors, and great jewelry has inspired countless people (including me) and she is becoming a modern style icon.